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McAfee Labs Stinger is an tool that finds and eliminates malware from a pc. The program performs its function ideally even on infected computers. One antivirus occasionally is inadequate for 100% safety. Experts recommend having several layers of protection to make certain that no malware can infect your machine. McAfee Labs Stinger, from McAfee LLC, is a program that can become an perfect addition to your current antivirus. The utility provides various attributes to discover and remove malware from your PC.

You can’t use McAfee Stinger as a primary antivirus as it does not offer real-time security against malware. However, it’s an perfect tool if you would like to boost security. The utility supplies a user friendly and transparent interface. You don’t need previous experience to manage McAfee Labs Stinger.

The utility does not need installation; you have simply to start it. You are able to use a default scan or customize it. Utilizing the default scanning, the tool will assess only regions where malware usually hides, by way of instance, program files. In case you choose to customize the scan, then you can select a specified drive or directory you want to test. Stinger will repair all infected documents, which it discovered.

The utility provides another neat feature to discover fake AVs. With this function, you can discover a fake anti virus and restore the machine after its impact.At site from Our Articles McAfee Stinger sends all suspicious files and applications to the quarantine and provides you with a chance to make a decision, either to remove these files or to maintain them. Additionally, it is possible to save the utility into your pen drive.

Key attributes include:

  • The usefulness does not need installation.
  • It could detect fake antiviruses.
  • The application creates logs with statistics after every scan.
  • It’s possible to personalize the scan use a default scan style.
  • User-friendly and transparent interface.


Overall, McAfee Labs Stinger is a neat and beneficial utility designed to find and remove malware in the computers that have diseases. You can launch the application without needing to install it and use just a default scanning or personalize it to automatically scan a specified directory or drive. As was said in the start, due to several reasons it is not a fantastic idea to use McAfee Stinger as the primary anti virus application, but it might serve as an additional layer to computer protection. The utility has a clear and easy interface that newbie can manage it.

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