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This means that Turnit will disclose documents submitted to another university and the report your professor has seen. These are the companies that you should consult when buying essays online. Thus, the likelihood that Turnit will find the letter you purchased online depends on where you purchased it. In another informative article, we have provided a comprehensive guide to purchasing the essay..

Mills Content requires everyone on both parties to create a user account. You will use this account to access the platform and the services it provides..

It is worth noting that even if such documents are not marked by Turnit, they may be marked by other plagiarism detection tools such as SafeAssign. Read our tips for using SafeAssign effectively and avoid bad similarity ratings from Blackboard. Do not use letters purchased from publicly available databases, these are just examples.

If you are willing to pay someone to write an article for you ..

This means they are only good to help you with your audit, so you can not send them and pass them on as the school will recognize you and remove you. As mentioned, the essences of Turnitin flags purchased from public databases and source are listed in the similarity score. They are only good to help you with your review – you can not send and receive them as your own as the school will recognize you and remove you..

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This will require a name and email address. Therefore, use this letter as a reference to rewrite another article…

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