APA Style 6th Ed.: Title Page and Running Head – NEW VERSION IN DESCRIPTION

hi everyone the purpose of this video is to show you how to set up a title page and then the rest of your document using APA style to make sure that everything is in the correct format before we get started one thing that’s really helpful is to have this formatting key selected and what this does is it shows the format symbols that are generally hitting so this is the paragraph symbol every time I make a new paragraph shows up the spaces show up as dots and then tabs show up as arrows or indents is another word for tabs so this is really useful because APA format is very very precise so you want to make sure that all of your formatting is done precisely as well and being able to visually see each space will help with that now the first thing we want to do is make sure that all the each page is going to be set up correctly so what we want to do is make sure that we have everything at double everything should be double spaced so two line spaces the margins should be one inch margins all around I know sometimes the default will be to have one and a quarter inch on the left and right but we want one inch all around and then the font as well should be some standard font generally Times New Roman and size twelve so that’ll be common across your entire paper now to set up the title page first we’re going to make the title our name and our institution so we can hit return a few times you want to center or ourselves and then make a title below the title write your name and then your affiliation now a good title should be no more than ten or twelve words it should be descriptive enough where it’ll give the reader a broad sense of what the paper is going to be discussing I shouldn’t be super long should be only three words so you want somewhere in between now the next thing we’re going to set up is the running head and the running header is what’s going to appear throughout the entire paper so now to do that you can double click up here the other way to do that is if you go into insert and we can insert a header up here but before we do that we’re going to insert the page number so page number top of the page all the way to the right once we’ve done that we can work with the running header so running head colon space and then this is going to be the first few words of your paper in all capital letters and generally this shouldn’t be more than 50 characters but just the first few words is fine now you can hit the tab button and it should move your running head over here if it doesn’t go all the way to the left what you can do is if you see this little small triangle up here you can move that and that changes the indentation we want this all the way to the left and once you’ve done this this is the first part so right here this is a complete title page now what we’re going to do next is format the rest of the document so hit return a couple more times at the bottom and what you have to do next is use a section break so you’re going to go into page layout it breaks under section breaks you’re going to hit the next page now what this does is you got the section break created new section starts on a new page now to change the header for the rest of the paper what we need to do is get rid of this running head part and so we just want the title for the rest of the paper but now if we do this it’s going to show up up here too which isn’t good because we want it to say running head here so I’ll undo that and the way that this will work is you can see here when I’m in the header if you go into this design tab over here this button will automatically be selected called link to previous click that button to unlink it from the previous section and now you can get rid of the words running head just have the title and now you can see that the header on the first page in the second page are going to be different so the title page this is formatted correctly and now this is formatted correctly too so we got rid of the words running head now the next thing I’m going to show you is how to use section headers to organize your paper and so this is an example of a paper that I’ve written before in APA format so you can see that the the setup the title page is basically exactly the same as what we just did and now when you scroll to the second page again we got rid of thirds running head and so we just have the title on the page number now the first part of any paper is going to be the introduction we don’t need to see any heading for the for the for the introduction just you can just go right into it start writing but as the paper goes on it helps to kind of see here there’s no real divisions of sections so if you’re scanning through you’re probably not sure what the readers talking about here and so one thing that helps is using these section headings and it directs the readers attention to the heading first of all that also informs the reader hey this is what the next few paragraphs are going to be talking about so in the APA format there’s five different levels of heading I’m just going to show you the first three because those are the most common commonly used the ones that you’ll most likely use too so this part right here is an example of a level one heading and level one headings divide major sections so the first part of this paper was introductory stuff overview of the experiment now the second part is going to focus on methodology and it’s very clear from the title of the heading right method of experiment one so this is now a new major section everything that’s coming after this is going to focus on the method participants here is an example of a level two heading and you can see here that this is flush left so think of this as indication of a subsection now so level one headings divide major sections level two headings will divide major sections into subsections now for both of these for level 1 and level 2 headings it’s going to be normal sized font you can see there’s no extra spaces between the lines it will be bold and every important word will be capitalized so you can see method and experiment are capitalized here this participants if it had other words after it those words would also be capitalized – so now you can see here there’s a level 2 heading participants and this section now you know it’s going to be focusing on who the participants in this experiment will be keep scrolling down you can see here’s another level 2 heading conditions so now you know that the next two paragraphs will get at what the conditions are in this experiment and here you see now an example of a level 3 heading for level 3 heading it’s a little bit different you’re going to start a new line hit tab once to indent it write the heading bold it end it with a period and then one space and on the same line you can now start writing and so now you know that this level 3 heading with because it’s here that this paragraph this section is going to focus on extra games scroll down this next section is going to focus on exercise next one stationery videogames and as you can can see here with level 3 headings only the first word is going to be capitalized the other words are not capitalized unless they’re proper nouns and so this level 3 heading once this section comes to an end we go back to a level 2 heading measures and so now there’s more level 3 headings so it is you can see really organizes a paper very well and it makes it very easy for the reader to know what you’re going to be writing about now again back to another level 2 heading here you know this whole section has to do with the procedures and now we go back to a level 1 heading and so now this signals that you’re going to be transitioning to a new major section so this previous section focused on the methodology this next one is going to focus on the implications and the the conclusions of this first experiment so that is it for APA formatting how to make a title page how to set up everything in the correct format and then how to use section headings

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