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hey guys Frank Schwartz wso show Zane Miller is working behind the scenes with couple products and things that were working with was our own thing and some clients both offline and online I wanted to come to you I had mentioned yesterday I had a quick review actually this isn’t even like a it’s not a wso product or anything that you can run out and grab actually what this is is it’s a service that we use and it’s from content writing um they write the information you don’t want to basically uh the services they offer our SEO based articles web content pages product descriptions product reviews autoresponder email either single emails or sequence emails on ebooks irri ports they’ll actually set you up sales copy for split testing for e-books or you know probably whatever and sales letters now the reason that I suggest you use them is I found them over on the warrior forum but we’re using them and right now in the month of October they’re going for a penny a word sale okay if you head over to content writing 360 360 dot-com and we’ll have the links in the description you’ll be able to see reviews some some writing Styles some things that they have out there they’ve worked with a lot of people they have a lot of great reviews up and we’re going to be using them for are things that we don’t we don’t want to spend the time researching and writing and fixing you can ask my wife I absolutely suck at writing I I know what I want to say I know how to get it out there I just don’t know where Commons go it’s a big joke in the house but listen go over to content writing head over there check out their their banner on the right hand side it has their their their promos their specials and I know that right now as long as one of the bit as long as one of the banners is up you can still get the discount I know another promo they have is over October thirty-first so you’re going to want to get over there it’s about a penny word right now so a 500 word article is going to be about 5 bucks so head over there tell them that Frank and Zane the wso show sent you over and let’s see what’s going on sorry distractions it’s so beautiful here in Arizona that we’ve got doors and windows open and people walking by and waving and you know kids outside playing it’s only about 73 degrees today so it’s a little bit on the cool side and there goes my pup to go chase somebody listen you guys have a great day and again content writing 360 calm and tell them frank zane wso show sent you and you guys have a great one and we’ll talk to you tomorrow okay all right guys later you

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