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Thus if your machine can’t communicate with theDNSserver, theInternetwould not work on your system. This mostly occurs due to incorrect DNS server Address, Corrupted DNS cache, virus malware infection etc.

Press the start menu and right click on it and then select ‘Network Connections’. It works for computers running on the Windows operating system.

There Are A Lot Of Dns Errors Out There. Way Too Many, Right?

In these cases I assure them that the network is up and running fine but it is the DNS servers that are down! As you can imagine, that does not go over very well with them because to an end user, it is all the same thing. DNS is “the network” (not that they know what DNS is anyway).

DNS servers are a very significant part of the internet but what to do when this server refuses to respond? Have you come across a similar kind of situation? Are you also troubled by the problem of DNS servers not responding on Windows 10. If yes, ole32.dll then worry not as here we are available with multiple remedies that can help you fix this problem. Try using the instructions here to resolve the DNS Server not responding.

  • For some, you will be able to change server details for Wi-Fi alone while others will allow you to adjust for both Wi-Fi and data connection.
  • Changing DNS settings vary with different softwares.
  • Recommended applications include DNS Changer and DNSet.

When you access the connection status page, make sure to uncheck the IPV6 box. In some cases, the reason why the server is not responding could be because your router is experiencing some down time. You can do this by accessing your connection settings.

Remove Network Configuration Files

The guidelines described above will help you get rid of the DNS not responding error. If you are using an Android device, you should note that the settings in place are meant to assist you to control the device’s data consumption levels. If you are on a metered connection, it is best to leave them as they appear.

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So, these are the different methods that you can apply to fix the problem of DNS server not responding on Windows 10. It is impossible for one to access the internet if he or she is not able to access the DNS server. Once the request has been received by the DNS server, you will be sent to the webpage that you want to open.

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